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Effective handling your tech debt

 A simple guide to help you effectively handling the tech debt on your project. As you may know, all the projects have some kind of tech debt. It’s normal, not a signal of bad developers. It’s also important to understand that even if you don’t touch your code for a while, your tech debt can increase. This can sound strange but constantly there are: new ways to do things, some of them can be official recommendations of the platforms you use external libraries are deprecated or upgraded If you don’t have an effective process to handle this, your tech debt is going to grow to the infinite. Even if you have such a process, that’s not a guarantee of success. You need to follow it, define goals and reach them if you want to reduce your tech debt across time. This guide is focused mainly on Java / Kotlin projects, but most of the tips can also work on other platforms too. Kinds of tech debt Let’s start defining some types of tech debt. These are just some examples. There are more, of course